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All commercial products coming into the US Virgin Islands must be cleared by our tariff regulators.  There are different forms for you to fill out, depending on the agency, and on your particular circumstances. Island Delivery Service specializes in preparing formal entries and provides all the expertise you will need in your submital of the necessary documents required for your imports to the US Virgin Islands. We also monitor your shipment projects and guarantee compliance with the regulators. Once shipments are cleared, we provide you with all clearance documents, electronically, so you can easily have access to them.  We assist in solving issues with CBP, to include but not limited, to mitigating assessed penalties and fines. We also offer connections to local trucking, warehousing, custom bonds, excise bonds and cargo insurance. Rest assured that your goods will arrive at their destinations properly.

At Island Delivery Service, we take pride in satisfying our clients with everything related to custom brokerage services in general in our unique territory. To achieve these goals, we work as a team, creating processes that will help minimize the response time to our clients, while delivering exceptional, professional and personalized service.

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We will monitor your shipment from all US and international ports and promise they will comply with all government regulations. We work with our customers in educating them about the compliance regulations and how their particular imports will be handled.

Document Preparations

We specialize in preparing CBP Form 7501. We do so by researching the HTS classification code and that the preferential duty rate is applied, while all other licensing requirements are met. We provide assistance in mitigating any potential issues prior to the shipment’s arrival.


We arrange the clearances for shipments before imports arrive at their final destinations. We work with our partners to deliver the best advantage for our customers.

Excise Tax

Depend on Island Delivery Service to assist in preparation and filing Form 721VI and making sure that any taxes assessed are remitted, as we liaise with the VI Bureau of Internal Revenue Agent to clear your imports. We also service customers who need their monthly excise payments managed in staying up to date and on target.

Delivery Arrangements

We offer connections to local trucking, warehousing, customs bonds, excise bonds and cargo insurance.